Expanded Beam Connectors

Fibreco Junior expanded beam connectors are available with one to four multimode 
or singlemode fibre optic channels.

The connector features a fully sealed hermaphroditic construction and is field
terminable and repairable using standard fibre optic termination tools and equipment.

The Fibreco Junior connector is offered with Aluminium (black hard anodised) and 
Stainless Steel shell options. 90º backshells for the plug and bulkhead are also available.

Bulkhead connectors are available with jam-nut and square flange mounting and 
strain-relief for zip-cord or tactical cable. A low profile jam-nut bulkhead is also available.

Applications include military tactical communications, mining, offshore and outside 
broadcast systems.


Expanded Beam Connector Catalogus

Expanded Beam connectors militair Fibreco Bulkhead